Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We read on the paper:
Tango was declared part of the world's cultural heritage by the United Nations on Wednesday and granted the international seal of approval Argentina and Uruguay have long sought for the dramatic dance and its sensual moves.

We know most people probably have this stereotypical misconception of the dance: a good looking woman---shiny, tight split dress along with some killer stilettos and a sensual body ---spinning cheek-to-cheek very fast across a dance hall with a good looking man---tuxedo of course, rose clenched between his teeth---kicking and hurling back and forth...And that, my friends, is the ultimate cliche.

Reality could be much more complicated than a movie or a TV show. The reality and meaning of tango goes beyond that cliche. A history that goes back over a hundred years. A history of poor European immigrants and their American dreams, of cheap bordellos and accordions... A tale full of sad stories (usually about heartaches related to love relationships that went sour), family ties, homesickness, life in the poor suburbs...

In Argentina you dance tango slowly. It is a sensual dance, of course, and it takes time to master. Nowadays, there are thousands learning the steps. A new generation that includes even Japanese and Germans (the biggest fans) along people from all over the world.

They are leaning how to dance a sad feeling. A passion. That is tango.


  1. Oh yes! I know! I read so much about the tango! From documentaries till romans!
    You know yet that I adore the tango dance!
    Once I want to learn it from... do you know a real tangodancer who could..., wants, dance with an unexperienced belgian woman?????


  2. Dear Greet: I already know you like tango! we should get a good teacher in Buenos Aires (for both you and me!!!)

  3. There seems to be a surge in tango enthusiasm - saw this interesting article last week...

  4. Dear Mr Christopher: Thanks for the link to the article! Very interesting, the powers of dancing tango...

  5. Loved the post. I'd love to get a tango lesson in Buenos Aires with a reputable teacher. Any leads?

  6. Dear GinaK: There is a post about tango schools and teachers coming up very soon.


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