Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week a la Argentina.

We received the invitation and got really excited!

For the first time ever, a group of Argentine designers are showing their Collections at Bryant Park during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Spring 2010

The designers include Benito Fernandez, Cardon, Eufemia, Min Agostini and Zitta.

September 17th, at 7.00 PM

We can't wait!


    I have visited the sites (If I click on Cardon I came in also in the site of Benito Fernandez)and they are wonderful and the music!! I think I prefer the site of Benito! This is again such a wonderful post! You really have such a good ideas to write posts!! I'm hooked on your blog, I can't help!


  2. have fun! should be incredibly interesting

  3. Dear Greet, you are more than welcome to join us! Thanks for the compliments

    Dear Stacy, thanks! I am sure it will be very cool. I will check your blog!

  4. The link to Cardon's website has been fixed

  5. Chukker I saw you sitting there near front with a beatiful woman at your side.... but what about the show. Sensational! The girls were quite good-looking, the cloths true Argentine inspirations, and the music excellent except that last piece of trash chosen for the final collection, what was tat all about! The runway parade was fun and delightful. A really good show and an enjoyable experience to an overflowing packed house. Tomorrow we should all hop on our private jet for a little shopping binge in Buenos Aires. JD

  6. Dear Anonymous: We liked the show a lot. Our friends form Argentina deserve the best for all the hard work.
    Yes, going to Buenos Aires for a shopping spree is a lovely experience indeed.

  7. Congratulations for received the invitation, this event is the best in fashion world!


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