Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attitude for destruction

There is something absolutely exciting about renovating an apartment...the thrill of the first knock on the wall, bricks falling down, the occasional chunk of old plaster hitting the floor...Dust, old pipes, wood floor, tiles, old cabinets...The old stuff is gone.

Walls falling down give place to new rooms. It is not a living room next to a dining room next to a library way. Now we have this huge space, flooded with we can see the four french doors leading to this amazing garden...a classical building from the 40's, where the owners (a young couple) trustred us with the mission of converting the ground floor apartment into something new and really special.

Right now it is only destruction, but soon we will have a new kitchen, a big bathroom and THAT walking closet that you only see on films. And a garden for Olga, the black lab.