Thursday, September 16, 2010

French touch

A french inspired building from 1910's. An apartment that has not been touched in over 50 years (not even cleaned!). High ceilings (over 3,40 meters high), magnificent panelled wood doors with a million coats of paint, two tiny and awkward bathrooms, a creepy mini kitchen and a carpet of an undescript colour (we guess it was light blue when it was installed, probably when Peron was ruling the country in the 50's).

That was the picture we saw when they called us to help with the renovation. Buenos Aires is full of those surprises. A combination of faded grandeur and half a century of harsh economy combine to create something that you rarely see in other places (especially not in New York).

The way they lived, those fancy argentinians from the Belle Epoque! Now, things have changed, and an apartment like this needs a new life. We are bringing new plumbing, electrical, paint (yes please!) and especially water and soap to clean those magnificent windows that overlook ancient trees.

A french touch s'il vous plait, for an absolutely wonderful, neurotic, sexy and noisy city. There is no place like home.