Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Les surprises du Chef

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. It is where ancient buildings still stand today, after a few centuries of pollution and neglect. It became somehow a trendy place to buy an apartment, or open a store, a while ago but obviously it is not a location as commercial or high end as Palermo Soho or Recoleta...yet.

Property value went up, some cleaning (and also restoration) of the buildings is taking place so everything is looking much better than a few years back where garbage and squatters made the area a dangerous mess. Everything is improving, slowly but steadily.

Defensa street goes from Plaza de Mayo (of Evita fame) to the flea market in Plaza Dorrego, and all of  those blocks--too many!!!-- have become an open air market. Not as charming as one would hope but still alive and full of people. But unfortunately for all these tourists and locals alike, the question of where to have lunch (a good one) remained unanswered for many years.

But fortunately for us (we really love to eat well) there is a restaurant that changed our bad nourished Sundays in San Telmo: La Panaderia de Pablo, which opened some time ago thanks to the genius of famous chef Pablo Massey. In a wonderful space we had many great meals, always tasty, always argentine, always different. The patio is a fantastic option for those balmy days also, or if you like smoking and can't wait for that ciggy after your stake.

La Panaderia de Pablo
Defensa 269
San Telmo
Ph. 4331 6728