Monday, September 28, 2009

Roots of a land

There is an area in the furniture world that is a little difficult to understand. Some people call it "rustic"or "lodge style"or maybe "cabin style". And then there is another version, an Argentinian one, that is handcrafted by the indigenous people (that is, the ones that were there before the Spaniards arrived). That craftsmanship is still alive, although barely surviving.

Ricardo Paz always thought this tradition needed to be kept alive. He opened a store in Palermo Viejo called Arte Etnico. This is a neighbourhood that has a small scale, full of old houses, trees, blue skies. In the store he showcases a fascinating collection of furniture, textiles and objects that some people could call "rustic". Trees become animals, branches become screens, wood panels covered in parchment become tables...Each piece is unique of course, and it shows the slight imperfections of a handmade object.

Antique rugs and textiles, colourful and happy, cover walls and sofas. Small chairs with seats made out of cowhide hang from the ceiling...A magical space, as unique and original as the objects exhibited.

Ricardo Paz
El Salvador 4656 - phone 4832-0516


  1. That furniture looks great! Where is it coming from? The North of Argentina?

  2. Dear Anonymous: The furniture is from the province of Santiago del Estero, and yes, it is womderful.

  3. Some of these pieces are very very cool. I like to mix a bit of rustic with my modern minimalist stuff. Makes for a livable, enjoyable room, I think.

  4. Dear Photodiarist: Exactly, the key with rustic furniture is moderation. It usually transforms a very contemporary room into something with more personality and warmth.


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