Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Old New York

Do you ever get the feeling you've traveled back in time? Oh well, we do.

It happens to us every time we visit our Stationer's shop, Bowne & Co. And after we close the door behind us and our eyes adjust to the dark and mysterious interior, we are sure it is not 2009 anymore. It is somewhere around 1870. Maybe 1865?

They use letterpresses that were new in 1844. With this museum quality equipment Robert Warner and his team make the most fascinating cards and stationery we ever saw.

The text is composed by hand using historic antique type collections. Afterwards, they print on original 19th century treadle-powered platen presses (thanks Robert for this information!). It is an honor to be able to watch these artisans at work. And a privilege to be able to enjoy our stationery the way we do.
Bowne & Co. is located at 211 Water Street - South Street Seaport
(212) 748-8651


  1. I did click on Cooper Union! If I lived there I would go to the art school at Cooper Union!

    And I even clicked on Bowne & Co! Oh wonderful!
    I would love to visit that museum!

    You learn us to discover such interesting places!

    Thank you,

  2. Dear Greet, Cooper Union is glorious!
    And Bowne and Co is simply the best, to visit their store is a unique experience indeed!

  3. I was about to freak out just thinking you weren´t going to include the address at the end of the post. But there you did! Definitely looking forward to that. Thanks!

  4. Dear Charlotte, if you click on Bowne & Co you can visit their website, which is part of the South Street Seaport Museum.
    Go visit them! You will never forget the experience.


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