Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abasto, cradle of Tango

There is a particular building in Buenos Aires that means a lot to tango lovers: the Abasto Market and the neighbourhood around it.

This former wholesale fruit and vegetable market became a shopping mall in 1999. The unbelievable Art Deco facade and structure were (thankfully!) mostly preserved.

The area is where Carlos Gardel lived most of his life. He is indeed the most important icon in the history of Tango. His name embodies the essence of it.

For tango lovers, a trip to Buenos Aires is not complete without a visit to the Abasto and a look at the statue of Carlitos...

He is still hanging out, as usual, in front of HIS market.


  1. Hi,

    Yesterday evening I saw on televison the tango contest in Buenos Aires! A Belgium couple of Belgium ended ,I think in the 82nd place!
    It was beautiful. It was a Japanese couple that won!

    Great post today(certainly for me)!


    PS Is it inpolite to ask you your name?
    You can do me a mail on

  2. Dear Greet, I didn't know belgiums danced tango! I am glad you like the post.


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