Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Viewpoint of millions

We stumbled upon this painting/collage of artist David Datuna by chance. It had a very powerful presence even in a wrong location, with generic lighting and surroundings.

Immediately we started taking photographs and realizing how interesting the whole concept was. The artist was not there, so unfortunately we never met him. In the painting we found Abraham Lincoln next to Bill Clinton, Marilyn, George Clooney, Michael Jackson, Britney, Jackie O...the list goes on and on.

From a sign above the painting we extract:

"American flag is one of the most powerful and energetic banners in the world...
USA or Viewpoint of millions consists of more than a thousand optical lenses...

Red and white stripes of the flag are made from the clippings from periodical publications
Stars in the blue canton display faces of people who have been making the history of this country with their achievements and triumphs as well as failures and scandals...

Numerous lenses of the collage represent people's individual perceptions of America.

Magnifying and shrinking lenses symbolize viewpoints of those who are concerned about the USA or indifferent to it.
No matter how different the viewpoints may be, people of all over the world are continuously focused on the USA".


  1. Hello my friend,

    Thank you for your nice comment on my post!
    I was so busy yesterday and today that I did not had time to visit my bloggerfriends!
    But here I am again!
    Again a very "goodfounded" post about this artist ! Every time I see that you have posted an article I want to go to read and see it! Always surprising and wonderful!


  2. Dear Greet: If we don't hear from you we think maybe something is wrong!
    Thanks for your lovely comments! This artist is extremely good! I will research a bit to see if I can visit him and take more pictures

  3. que increibles estas fotos chukker!!!!!!!!! realmente genial las fotos y el artista,mecoparooooooooonnn

  4. Dear Solana: Si, el cuadro esta muy bueno! Con las fotos se hizo lo que se pudo...Thanks for your nice comment.

  5. Wow that's a great piece! Must have taken forever to put together.


  6. Dear Ashley: We believe so too. Unfortunately never met the artist...

  7. cool collage! it's like watching US symbols with many different lenses to get a broader understanding.----

  8. Dear Lluviaschick:It is very cooooool collage, and you got the point.

  9. Hello...
    I found your blog on the internet by chance.Thank you for your comments,I am glad that you like my Art.I saved your email address and I'm going to invite you to my all the following exhibitions.One of them will be Art Basel in Miami this December and the next one - on February in NYC.

    Thank you again.
    David Datuna

  10. Dear David: I am so happy you found the blog! Everybody loves your painting, and we will be very happy to meet you personally!
    Good luck in Art Basel


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