Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New York minute

Hanging out on this particular corner of Downtown Manhattan is a little bit like stepping in a time capsule. Actually, it is like going back straight to the 70's: we are talking about 200 Water Street, designed in 1971 by Emery Roth & Sons.

The famous "Grid Clock" is still working, after years of neglect (the building was a NYU dorm for a while). Nowadays the owners converted the building into residential, so everything is back to its former glory, clock included.

There are also some colorful benches, and even some phone booths (without public phones of course...when was the last time we used a public phone? 10 years ago?). Everything is painted in bright primary colors, as it should be. We are talking about the Seventies here.
So there you are: a New York minute in the world's largest digital clock.


  1. When you watch the movie, some lights are off (in the 25-26-27 and 29 seconds), but it is really cool

  2. Dear Photodiarist: Old New York is full of surprises!

  3. Indeed! NYC is full of surprises! and I love this one which is not far from where I live! Elegant, modern and chic.
    It is not the case of the "Metrodome" that is still hanging in Union Square torturing everybody's eyes.
    Chukker you are the best!
    Liz B.

  4. Dear Liz B.: The clock in Union Square is in another level for sure.
    This one here is a survivor from a different era, and it has a certain vintage appeal that makes it interesting and funky.

  5. Thanks for sharing this.I had not yet seen a picture of this digital clock.


  6. Dear Greet: It is not a very well not known clock. Most visitors never get the chance to see it.


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