Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buenos Aires bars, part 1

When visiting Buenos Aires most people find that porteños have dinner really late for international standards (after 10 PM is the usual thing when going to restaurants). Going for dinner at 8 or 8.30 PM is something unheard of.
Even at 9 restaurants are empty, or the only people there are tourists.

Therefore, a good way to kill a couple of hours before eating that steak is to go to a nice bar and have a drink. There are plenty of places, so we will start with a few:

Paraná 1048 (Barrio Norte)
This is still a good place to go (it opened a few years back). The place is stunning: an old mansion converted into a couple of restaurants and bars, including an amazing terrace and a patio. Great cocktail list and an international clientele make this bar/restaurant a must.

Thames 878 (Villa Crespo)
Behind the unmarked door in this up-and-coming neighbourhood you will find a great spot, with some of the best cocktails in town. A little out of the way, it is great when you grow tired of Palermo Viejo and want to try something different (and very good).

Baez 252 (Las Cañitas)
This place rocks. Always good, always crowded, always fun.

Mundo Bizarro
Serrano 1222 (Palermo Viejo)
Still around after a few years, this dim reddish bar still has very good cocktails. Hit or miss.

Honduras 5329 (Palermo Viejo)
Tucked away besides the railways tracks, this is a great pre-club bar. Having an enormous outdoor space is one of the best features (especially in a sticky summer night)

If you want something a bit more tranquil or refined, especially if you are exhausted after a long day of walking around the city , there are other options. We like the Old World atmosphere of the Bar at the Alvear Palace Hotel for a chic cocktail. Or maybe the Oak Room at the Duhau, where you can appreciate centuries old paneling (brought back from France when the house was built 75 years ago) while sipping that fancy scotch.


  1. If I would go in into one of these bars I would'nt even think about food anymore!


  2. Dear Greet: Let me tell you this: when in Buenos Aires, even with so many bars you end up eating a steak!

  3. Part II coming any time soon? Wouldn´t mind contributing with some suggestions too.
    Had the best MAracuyá Caipiroska last night at Libélula (Salguero & Libertador). Not a bar, though.

  4. Dear Charlotte: Part II is coming up. This is not the Libelula on Lafinur St, is it? Have to go next month then.


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