Sunday, August 16, 2009

Patagonia on ice

If you want to see the glacier, you have to travel to the town of El Calafate.
And then you have to drive about 50 miles of an amazing road. You go around a huge lake, cross a river, see mountains and enter the gates of a National Park. Then, as you go up into a curve, all of a sudden you get this amazing panoramic view...The glacier is there. Like floating over the freezing water of the lake. It is the Perito Moreno.
Of all the mountains of ice in the National Park, this is the only one visible from land. But not only you see the glacier, you HEAR it. Like a living being, it cracks and roars, and when the sun hits the beast, it melts and pieces of ice fall into the lake...The sound of Nature, in surround sound.
After contact with Nature has been reestablished, you feel like going back to your hotel and warm up. For us, it was Los Notros. Right on the lake. The best location. Right THERE.


  1. Thank you so much for your reaction on my post of today.
    Now I'm gonna pass through your blog!

    Have a nice sunday.
    Greet from Belgian Pearls

  2. Great post - did you take these photos?


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