Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buenos Aires restaurants: our picks

We are always asked, when people go to Buenos Aires, where to eat. That is a tricky question, because it is always a personal point of view.
But there are some general guidelines. First, and most important, avoid touristy places. It sounds easy but it is not. Thanks to some publications and a lot of international tourists, apparently there are some places not to miss (places where locals go, generally for good meat).

So, more and more tourists start going to this restaurants. Therefore prices raise. Therefore locals don't go there anymore. Then these places for locals become places for tourists!

Our choices for locals are:
Miranda Meat and pastas in Palermo Viejo.

Oui Oui Excelent! Informal brunches are the best.

Olsen - Gorriti 5870 Phone 4776-7677 Scandinavia meets South America

Bar Uriarte Mediterranean cuisine - Brick oven great for meats and fish.

Grappa - El Salvador 5802 Phone 4899-2577 Ultra-thin crust pizzas

Bereber - Armenia 1880 Phone 4833-5662 Moroccan cuisine. Great terrace.

Almacen Secreto The real deal with authentic argentine dishes. Fantastic!

Dominga - Honduras 5618 Phone 4771-4443 Mediterranean plus sushi.

Museo Evita - J.M. Gutierrez 3926 Phone 4800-1599

Croque Madame - Av Libertador 1902 Phone 4806-8639 - Great for outdoor meals in a chic Museum

Fervor Great seafood barbecue and meats. The best choice in Recoleta.

We think this is a good start! Have fun and remember to go for dinner after 9 PM or you will dine alone.


  1. great info

  2. Dear nycrun: There is more coming up!

  3. You know, there is one country that I really want to visit once and this is Agentina! I mean that.
    I always thought for the beautiful buildings and to learn the Tango! I looooooovvvvveeee the Tango!
    But know I have seen the images of the restaurants, there is a third reason to go!!!
    Thanks for sharing all this!

    You have such a wonderful blog!


  4. Dear Greet, as usual your comments are so nice!

    If one day you decide to go to Argentina, let me know please!!!! I have plenty of information to share (insider tips, bien sûr!!)

  5. FERVOR es brutal. Y el nombre FERVOR es más brutal aún. Es uno de los pocos lugares donde vamos en familia y pasamos bomba, los demás son demasiado 'Palermo' para mis padres y siempre tienen algo para quejarse al respecto.

  6. Dear John, Fervor is near our pied-a-terre in Buenos Aires so we go there very often.
    La parrillada de mar es lo mas, sin dudas.


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