Friday, August 21, 2009

Fuerza Bruta: LOOK UP!!!

We went to see this show a few weeks ago. It is not really a play, it is not theater, it is mind blowing effects, it is people flying, it is a pool suspended inches above our heads with people swimming in it , it is music, it is a PARTY!

There was a man on a giant treadmill smashing through moving walls. There were two people in desperate need to touch and connect from opposite sides of a moving sail...And more music, from house to club beats to chill out.

We couldn't believe what we experienced. It was a mix of jumping, dancing, sweating, laughing... we felt we were part of some sort of ancient tribal rite. And it felt so good!


  1. Hola!
    I saw this show on America's Next Top Model, though down here in BsAs we get U.S. TV shows late.
    So it's still runnng and it looks fabulous!

  2. Dear Cherie, this show is a huge success! It is packed every night

  3. I am hoping to see it next time I visit New York! Thanks for the idea and review.
    Marco Stagnarelli

  4. Dear Marco, you are welcome. The show is SO good we are going back this week!


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