Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday blues in San Telmo

Plaza Dorrego is the main location of the big San Telmo flea market, every Sunday, all day long. Although the street vendors are scattered around the whole neighbourhood, the square still is the big star.
We love it, especially at the end of the day. There is so much to see, so much junk to dig through in order to get the good stuff. Sometimes we find a treasure. Most of the time, nothing.
It is not like the Marche au Puces of Paris, or the Flea Markets in New York. It is unique, a wonderful combination of joy and sadness, light and shadows, dilapidated old buildings, thousands of tourists and locals enjoying the improvised tango dancers...street itself.
We go back every time we are in Buenos Aires. Usually at noon, after a coffee at Tortoni. We stroll for an hour or two, then have a late lunch in one of the good restaurants in the area (we love El Desnivel). After so much meat, we take a nice and slow walk back downtown, admiring over and over the amazing Architecture of this neighbourhood.
But we have to stop by at Petanque for an aperitif before heading back home. You know, we discovered that noting beats that infamous Sunday blues like a Campari on the rocks, with an orange peel please.


  1. I have hundreds of international friends and every time they visit me in Buenos Aires I took them to the flee market in San Telmo. I love it! Your description is great. Every foreigner coming to BA visit it. Also I really look like foreigner, or at least, this is what I have been told... it is because of my look, which is very international, so I often surprise myself speaking in different languages! It is very funny. I love San Telmo and it is a great spot to meet new friends.

  2. Dear Chavy, your comment is extremely funny.

  3. Right you are!
    A campari on the rocks (or with orange juice) can make my day!!


  4. Do you think that the dolls are still available for sale? when did you take the picture? They are adorable. I would love to get one for the appartment of a client that I am decorating.
    Liz B.

  5. Dear Greet, Campari has been one of our oldest friends. You are right, with orange juice or just on the rocks!!!
    Dear Anonymous, the merchandise at the Flea Market goes by fast. Althought the vendors are pretty much the same every Sunday. i am sure there are more dolls around.


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