Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tango Lesson

When you visit Buenos Aires, it doesn't really matter if you are an expert or a beginner: the most important thing is to fall under the spell of tango and just dance!. Because it is the only way to discover the real spirit of the city.

We did our research and have these recommendations for you, tango lovers that sent so many emails asking for where to go. Our choices are:

Escuela Argentina de Tango
Viamonte and San Martin (Downtown) phone 4312 4990
This is THE most important school in the country(and maybe in the world). Located in the Centro Cultural Borges. They offer individual lessons for all levels during the week, and intermediate and advanced levels over the weekend.

La Viruta
Armenia 1366 (Palermo) phone 4774 6357
Legendary place when you can really admire the best dancers. You will also discover the rules of "cabeceo": an almost imperceptible head movement from the man to a woman, who can say yes or no (usually looking somewhere else).
There is also a restaurant open until 3 AM (typical argentine cuisine, heavy on meats). There is also a vegetarian option (almost a heresy in Argentina!).

La Academia de Ana María Schapira
Dr. Angel Peluffo 3909, third floor (Almagro) phone 4981 6869
You will not find a more impressive resume like the one of Ana Maria Schapira. To visit her school is a must.

La Barrica
Magallanes 845 (Boca) phone 4301 9197
There was a famous composer that wrote: "Tango is a sad thought that is danced".
But it could also be fun! Like in this place: an informal atmosphere, lots of wine and dance. Charming.

Tango Brujo
Esmeralda 754 (Downtown) phone 4325 8264
One of the most important schools in the city, it is home to festivals and international competitions. You will see here some of the world's most renowned Maestros.
They also sell tango shoes, accessories, Cd's...

El Niño Bien
Humberto I 1462 (Boca) phone 4483 2588
The first impression you get when you step into this very well known place, is that at any moment Carlos Gardel can go out on the stage to perform one of his famous (and somehow sad) tangos. In truth, men and women here are seated at their tables waiting for the moment to go dancing and forget about the mediocre food.

Esquina Carlos Gardel
Carlos Gardel 3200 (Almagro) phone 4876 6363
Shows always start here with an homage to Carlos Gardel and his moving melodies. «Mi Buenos Aires Querido», the composer used to sing...and his words resound powerful in this elegant space. The performances are always first class.

We believe this is a good start to help you choose the right milonga! Have fun.


  1. This is a great help! Thank you so much for this post.

  2. Dear Gina: Hope you have a great time in BA.
    Of course, more and more posts about all things BA coming up!

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Dear Greet: You are more than welcome! We need to organize your trip to Buenos Aires!

  5. Got the best male Tango Teacher in town in case someone should come down here and want to hire him!

  6. Maybe "one of the best" I should say. The truth is, there are plenty and most of them very good...

  7. you really are making me want to go to BA. Dumb question...Do you think it's an o.k. place to travel alone?

  8. Dear Charlotte: You always have the best data! If you want to publish your phone number here, do it! Or send me an email and I can do it.
    tango is THE most requested subject here...

  9. Dear Charlotte: I meant HIS phone number, not yours...

  10. Dear Faire: Buenos Aires is a big city, therefore there are plenty of good people and plenty of people...(hey! I live in NY so it is the same here). As a general rule, it is a safe place. Plenty of women I know did it on their own and nothing ever happened to them.
    Soooo, I would start researching for tickets...

  11. Oh, I love dancing...I've been trying to convince my husband of 13 years to take lessons. I did Ballroom dancing in College and fell in love with it!

  12. Dear hi-d: tango is a great way to improve marital communication...Dancing a sensual dance can't be wrong! Good luck convincing him.

  13. Love the Black and white photos here!

  14. Dear Photodiarist: Yes, black and white photos are always sexy! You must know about it because your photos are superb!!!


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