Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shopping in Recoleta

If you are based in Recoleta when visiting Buenos Aires---either in one of the big Hotels or in a rented apartment--- there are plenty of stores in the area. A bit more upscale than their Palermo Viejo counterparts, stores here are usually expensive ---location is everything: Hermes and Louis Vuitton are found in the area so you know what to expect. For our well heeled readers, some tips below:

Rodríguez Peña 1973 - phone 4811-0465
Owned by Martin Churba---a multitalented textile designer---the avant-garde clothes here are multicoloured and extremely cleverly designed. You will be amused by the intricately woven fabrics and the variety of materials used in the striking pieces on display.

Posadas 1269 - phone 4815-6326
This small store is a good place if you are into some serious mink, fox and chinchilla furs. They can customized all their pieces for mena and women. Spectacular crocodile and lizard bags.

Evangelina Bomparola
Avenida Presidente Quintana 20 - phone 4814-2553
A small Recoleta shop that is full of cocktail dresses and unique evening gowns ---everything here is made of pure silk, wool, cashmere ---so you know you are getting just the best.

Ayacucho 1924 - phone 4800-1575
A two-story shop selling all things Argentinian. From housewares---alpaca silver trays and mates--- to sporting goods made by artisans from the argentinian Northwest, the store definitely caters to aficionados of country style. Bags and boots are of very good quality, as well as the selction of hunting and polo gear displayed on the second floor. Amazing saddles.

Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall - phone 4814-7458
The store showcases a feminine and romantic line of clothing: sweaters, sundresses and boots and a vast selection of jeans.

De Maria
Libertad 1655 - phone 4815-5001
Interesting shoe store displaying unique and creative numbers.

Castex 3225 - phone 4803-7598
A few minutes taxi ride from Recoleta, this great store--- where architect turned jewelry designer Celedonio Lohidoy sells ornate pieces made of moonstone, labradorite,baroque pearls and coral, along with some featuring feathers and wire--- is a haven in the chaos of the city. Take your time when choosing one of his designs. The intricate pieces are really magnificent. (Lohidoy also created the brand of toiletries found at the Duhau Hotel.)

After all this shopping we are sure your energy level already dropped, so head over to La Rambla---corner of Posadas and Ayacucho---for one of their famous lomitos completos (a sandwich you will never forget...). If the weather is nice, sit outside and relax... You know, sometimes life is so good!


  1. This info is sooo fab! I am planning my trip to South America that will include BA, I am sooo excited! I cannot wait to be in Argentina, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for all the GREAT ideas. Absolutely I will visit some of the boutiques you mentioned!
    Please tell us more about auction houses in BA, I love buying (and selling) through them too.
    Liz B.

  2. Dear Liz B.:You are more than welcome, hope you enjoy you trip. Auction houses is an interesting subject, we will be back to you later


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