Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Since we started writing this blog a few months ago, we have been receiving emails on a daily basis asking for sort of "bespoke" recommendations when visiting Argentina. Readers have been begging, for instance, for very specific requests: "We will be in Buenos Aires next month, where should we stay in Palermo Soho?"..."Places to see outside Buenos Aires?"..."And what about Patagonia?"etc, etc, etc...so we confess: We are very sorry but we cannot simply answer to everybody! Not enough hours in the day!

This blog is just a list of places we recommend, restaurants we like, hotels we think are great. We are not a travel agency or arrange private tours--although maybe that is the way to go apparently!!!-- and also remember we are not getting paid to promote any of these places. That is why we are completely honest and our judgement is pretty objective (the only filters we have are quality and authenticity).

That is why we recommend researching this blog using the Search option to the right of your screen (the "Lijit search" thing). It will list the posts that match your request (hotels, restaurants, tango...).

Thank you all for your constant feedback!

The Chukker


  1. Hi, I looove your posts, and the pictures! Come check my blog, hope you enjoy it ;-)

    Following you via rss feed, follow me too :)
    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  2. Dear Maison Chaplin: Thanks! Your blog is really great also!


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