Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naturaleza Aguirre Mar: party pictures

As our readers already know, we were involved in the design of the new store that Argentinian furniture maker Eugenio Aguirre opened last Monday in Buenos Aires. This new line is called Naturaleza Aguirre Mar (Mar meaning ocean in Spanish). So the whole concept was a new idea for the brand: we wanted to recreate the feeling of a beach house in a great location--French Caribbean, anyone?-- so we decided to build something between a store and a house.

The space is divided into a series of interconnected rooms, each of them displaying a different situation: bedroom, living room, family's been done before (Ralph Lauren's store on Madison Avenue in New York is probably the best example) but it is a new idea in Buenos Aires, where all the furniture showrooms are just stores selling goods. Period.

The opening reception was held last Monday, and we probably had over 2,000 people attending. The party started at 6,30 and lasted until the last guests were basically asked to leave at 11,30 pm! There was a tent outside with two bars, live music, a great catering and a never ending supply of wine. The weather was really great--a wonderful summer night--so guests really enjoyed an unbelievable celebration.

We are already working on a project in Punta del Este in which this whole concept will be developed into an even bigger and more sophisticated space...This city is a summer resort that has always been THE place to be in January and February (our summer) so it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase this amazing new line.

Naturaleza Aguirre Mar
Buenos Aires Design Center
Av. Pueyrredon 2501 - (+54.11) 5777.6109


  1. Congratulations with the concept of this store! A lot of people will be very interested in (uncluding me)!


  2. Dear Greet: Thank you so much! The space is already a success! There are a lot of things happening at the moment (I am in Punta del Este at the moment working in the concept for the new store).

  3. Beautiful! You are so talented. I'm glad the reception was a hit. So, did you take any pictures of yourself? I'm always curious to see the person behind the blog. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. Dear hi-d: Thanks a lot! The party was wild. Anyhow, I am sort of camera-shy, so no pictures of myself yet.
    Working in the new store in Punta del Este at the moment, hopefully will be ready by February or March.

  5. I was there monday night and was delighted by the way you resolved the architecture of the store. I reminds me of the Hamptons! Loved the wooden soft-white walls and the fireplace. I´m an interior stylist from Buenos Aires and often use Eugenio´s products on my shootings. In my opinion, he is an artist more than a designer. Loved your blog, you write about the two cities I love most. Will be back soon!

  6. Dear Decortherapia: Thanks a lot for your comments! I work along Eugenio all the time and all I can say is this: He is the most talented designer of this country. And we have a lot of projects coming up!

  7. Hey Chukker! Long time no visit your blog . . . Was in Morocco. Love LOVE these rooms. Especially the dining room . . .

  8. Dear Photodiarist: welcome back! I am glad you like the rooms. I am very busy at the moment designing another huge store in Punta del Este, so little time for this blog...

  9. Congratulations with the concept of this store! A lot of people will be very interested in


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