Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the terrace

Our own little piece of Paradise on earth is this little pied-a-terre we have in Buenos Aires.

It is just a small apartment really, but with a big terrace. And a tower. And a working fireplace. And an indoor barbecue. And a million plants. And a bunch of hummingbirds that live nearby and stop by early every morning to visit.

At the end of the day, how many square meters do you need to enjoy life?


  1. Yes indeed happiness does not depend on square meters!! And your pied à terre in Buenos Aires looks fabulous!! I am sure you enjoy your stay in this place every time you go there!


  2. Dear Greet: Thanks! Honestly, I enjoy it very much, especially when the weather is nice.

  3. What an amazing place! I love it...enjoy!

  4. Dear hi-d: Thank you very much! Actually I have very little time to enjoy this place, so busy at the moment...

  5. GORGEOUS. Seriously. It's not about how much space but the kind of space. You have OUTDOOR Space, which I would love to have. And it's beautifully done.

  6. Dear Photodiarist: Thanks! We did the space over completely a few years ago. And you are right, the outdoor space makes it feel like a small cottage rather than a small apartment. Also, it is located in the middle of Recoleta (a very busy area) but there is absolutely no noise! A blessing.


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