Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the mood for Art

After leaving the South of France and spending some years working in finance in Paris, London and New York, Diane finally answered the call from her heart. That meant painting.

She learnt, she practiced, she found her style, she had shows, and then she sold. The process was (and still is) long and hard, but she never stops...the rewards are so fulfilling.

We attended most of her shows in London, Argentina and of course New York. We follow her closely, and we see collectors coming back for more, show after show.

Tonight we are going to Chelsea, because we are in the mood for Art.


  1. The last picture with the painting is as well of Diane I suppose!
    Please go to and look under paintings 2000 and 1990!
    I see ressemblance! Do you?
    The Belgian painter is a friend of mine and his wife Gloria is from Colombia.
    I have a few of his paintings in my home.

    Diane has to make contact with him.


  2. Dear Greet, all the photographs are of Diane openings. I will check the website and tell Diane about it.
    Thanks for the info!


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